The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups

The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups

Our Eye Doctors in Dallas, TX Explains The Importance of Eye Care and Check-Ups

Most patients, both adults, and children alike are diligent about their annual health checkups, seeing a primary care physician at least once a year. What many don’t realize, however, is that an eye exam should be a critical part of one’s health maintenance program. Insight Complete Eye Care in Dallas can complete an eye health exam for your entire family, checking for signs of eye disease and vision problems. Since eye health and vision is a critical component to development and learning, a pediatric eye exam is recommended for children as young as a year.

Eye Exam vs. Vision Exam

While a vision exam is important, this is only one component to a comprehensive exam. Vision screening tests your overall vision and assists in determining if you or your family member needs corrective lenses. An eye exam, however, assesses your eyes’ health, looking for signs of corneal disease, functional issues, and refractive errors. They are also effective in uncovering ocular manifestations of systemic disease related to tumors, cancer, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, and diabetes. Good vision does not necessarily equate to good eye health.

What to Expect During Your Comprehensive Exam

The days leading up to your exam can be intimidating, particularly if you are unsure of what to expect. With the latest in eye care technology, our team of optometrists will conduct a thorough exam for you and your family, which includes testing your visual field, eye alignment, eye movement, and eye pressure. Additionally, each exam will consist of a series of vision tests and, if necessary, evaluating you for contact lenses and/or prescription glasses.

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