At Insight Complete Eye Care, we want to ensure you get the best contact lens fit possible. That’s why we are proud to be the only optometry office in the Dallas – Fort Worth area that offers sMap3D to provide a truly customized fit.

For patients with irregularly-shaped corneas, regular contacts can be downright uncomfortable and provide inadequate vision correction. With the use of sMap3D, however, we can precisely map your unique eyes so your contact lenses will include a custom arch. This customization allows for the center of the lens to vault over the dips and elevations in your cornea and provides sharper vision correction than ever before. You no longer have to feel like glasses are your only option.

sMap3D is a virtual mapping tool that utilizes a diagnostic lens and advanced computer software to map and track 1 million different measurement points on your cornea and sclera (white of the eye). During your exam, we will instruct you to gaze in different directions so the computer can create a custom and precise “elevation map” of your eyes’ topography.

If you have struggled with finding contacts that comfortably and effectively correct your vision, you may be an excellent candidate for this technology. Give our office a call today at (214) 739-8611 for an appointment or if you have any questions about sMap3D.