Smap Technology

Scleral Lens Fittings with SMAP Technology

At the Cornea Lens Institute, we’re proud to offer our patients innovative eye care solutions that incorporate the latest technologies and accommodate all their vision and eye care needs. One of our most popular tools, sMap3D, is designed specifically to create more precise custom contact lenses. If you have an irregular cornea or sclera, your eyesight and comfort depend on the fit of your contact lenses, and sMap3D helps your optometrist create contacts that are as comfortable and effective as possible.

Our cornea specialists want to make sure your contact lenses are the perfect fit for your particular eyes, so we’re proud to be the only optometry office in Dallas/Fort Worth to offer sMap fittings. Learn more about this cutting-edge service, and how it allows us to create more precise, customized contact lenses.

Your Custom Solution for Hard to Fit Contacts

Is it impossible to wear traditional contact lenses because of an irregular cornea or sclera? Keratoconus and other eye conditions will change the shape of your eyeball, causing irregular curvature of the cornea or sclera, and associated vision problems. These irregular eye shapes can result in redness, irritation, and poor vision, especially if you try to wear a contact lens that isn’t customized to fit your eyes. Fortunately, your options are no longer limited to eyeglasses. Today, specialty contacts called scleral lenses are available for patients with an irregular cornea or sclera.

Scleral lenses have larger diameters, because they actually arch over the surface of the cornea without touching it. Each optometrist on our team focuses exclusively on corneal conditions and irregularities, so we know that sMap3D is one of the leading technologies for creating this custom arch. The size and specific curvature of your lens will depend on the curvature and shape of your eyes, so it’s important to make sure the fit is accurate.

Simpler, More Precise Fittings for Scleral Lenses

Before we can create a pair of scleral lenses for you, we must map the surface of each eye. Older technologies required multiple lenses, which would be placed directly on the surface of your eye. However, sMap3D is a virtual mapping tool that only requires the use of one diagnostic lens and sophisticated computer technology.

So, why do sMap3D exams produce more precise results? This technology, which is actually the first of its kind to avoid contact with the ocular tissue, keeps track of 1 million different measurement points on your cornea and sclera. During your brief exam, the computer will “stitch” together data as you gaze in different directions, creating a custom and precise “elevation map” of your eyes’ topography.

Schedule Your Scleral Lens Fitting with a Dallas Optometrist

Do you need a scleral lens fitting for an irregular cornea or sclera? Our corneal specialists in Dallas/Fort Worth are trained to use sMap3D software to create custom, precise scleral contact lenses for each patient. Call (214) 739-8611 today to schedule your scleral lens fitting at the Cornea Lens Institute.