What is Reverse Geometry Technology?

Most conventional contact lenses are designed with a smooth curve similar to that of a golf ball. However, in patients with diseased or misshapen corneas, these contacts will not remain stable due to the irregularities in the cornea. To remedy this, contacts can be engineered with a “reverse curve,” which effectively reshapes the cornea to provide clearer vision and a higher level of comfort while wearing the lenses.


Most contact lenses can be customized to include a reverse or oblate curvature.


Contacts with a reverse geometry can be utilized for patients who’ve recently undergone radial keratotomy, corneal transplants, and laser eye surgery. Most commonly, however, they are used for those with keratoconus as they can dramatically reduce the occurrence of “ghost images” and improve vision overall. At Insight Complete Eye Care, we utilize the most advanced scanning laser technology to determine the best lenses for your eyes, no matter how unique they are.


Reverse geometry contact lenses are typically available at no additional charge to conventional contact lenses. Our team will discuss any costs associated with these lenses, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have! Additionally, we can review your vision insurance and let you know about any out of pocket costs before you even arrive for your appointment.

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