Reverse Geometry Technology

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What is Reverse Geometry Technology?

Contact lenses are often manufactured with a traditional curvature that is much like a golf ball curve. However, the corneal diseased eye is misshapen and may have “dips and valleys” on the curvature of the cornea. A reverse curve allows our doctors to reshape the cornea to provide better vision and more comfortable contact lenses.

Hybrid contacts for keratoconus have a special design that enables the central GP zone of the lens to vault over the irregularly shaped cornea. Hybrid lenses are also available for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism in healthy eyes.


Just about any type of contact lens can be customized with a reverse or oblate curve to accommodate the most challenging eyes.


The most common use of reverse geometry designed contact lenses is for post-surgical radial keratotomy, corneal transplants, and the post-surgical laser eye surgery patient. However, its use is more common in many types of keratoconus and can provide significantly improved vision and reduction of “ghost images”. Our doctors will evaluate each case and individualize a lens to accommodate your unique needs. Our doctors utilize the most advanced scanning laser technology.


Reverse geometry designs are provided at no additional costs. Your total costs will be discussed and if you have any questions, please call our wonderful staff. They can review your insurance coverage and inform you of any out-of-pocket expenses before you arrive at our office.