Ortho-Keratology FAQ’s

Ortho-Keratology FAQ’s

Orthokeratology FAQ’s

If you are interested in a vision correction solution that does not require you to wear contacts or eyeglasses during the day, consider orthokeratology. Ortho-k allows you to correct your vision while sleeping. This is a viable treatment method for individuals who struggle with wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses for vision correction. Learn more about how Insight Complete Eye Care uses orthokeratology at our optometry clinic in Dallas TX.

What is Orthokeratology?

Also known as overnight vision correction, Ortho-K is a vision therapy that provides noninvasive treatment for myopia or nearsightedness. It can also be used to treat astigmatism and hyperopia. This type of contact lens is rigid yet gas permeable. The structure of the contact lens is designed to reshape your cornea while you sleep. The change in your cornea grants you better vision in the morning, and throughout your day.

Who can Benefit from Ortho-K for Vision Correction Needs?

At our optometry office, we use Ortho-k treatment for patients who want to correct their nearsightedness without eye surgery or long-term vision correction. With orthokeratology, you are able to reduce your discomfort with wearing conventional contacts or eyeglasses. In addition, you are able to treat your vision while you sleep. It is ideal for children, athletes, or individuals who struggle with allergies or dry eyes, which is problematic when wearing conventional contacts. An eye exam will determine if you are an appropriate candidate for Ortho-K.

How Long Does Ortho-K Take to Correct Vision?

Most patients start seeing improvements within one night. In addition, children will see the greatest improvement in their vision faster due to the flexibility of their cornea. For adults, treatments may take two to four weeks for the cornea to be corrected. Then the treatment is typically used every other night to maintain proper vision. Since this is a noninvasive treatment, you will continue using orthokeratology contacts to maintain your vision correction for the long term.

Contact Our Optometrist in Dallas TX

To get started with orthokeratology in Dallas TX contact Insight Complete Eye Care at (214) 739-8611. We offer a comprehensive eye exam along with an array of vision correction and eye care treatments. Our optometrists Dr. Tracy Stringfield, Dr. Lindsey Bank, Dr. James Williams, and Dr. Ivan Bank are ready to assist you.

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