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Established in SoHo, NY in 1990, Modo is a leading, global provider of trendy, slightly edgy frames and fashionable Modo sunglasses. Modo designs and manufacturers a stunning portfolio of contemporary, designer and house brands all reflecting the innovative, avant-garde approach Modo has towards 21st-century eyewear.

Modo is also energizing the optical wear industry to remain aware of sustainability and reducing carbon footprints when making frames. In fact, Modo produces its colorful, youthful frames using bio-based materials and 95 percent recycled content. Each time someone purchases Modo glasses or Modo sunglasses, Modo plants a tree or gives free glasses to people in need.

Modo's Frame Materials & Quality

Wafer-Thin Titanium

Lightweight and flexible yet enduring and attractive, Modo's Beta Titanium frames are exceptionally strong. If you have an active lifestyle, Beta Titanium frames may be right for you.

R 1000 Plus Titanium

One of Modo's latest frame materials is the R 1000 Plus Titanium that offers customers the thinnest frames available for a light, comfortable fit. This kind of titanium is a high-grade plastic resin more resilient than other resins. In addition, R 1000 Plus Titanium frames are bound with screw less hinges to give you a seamlessly designed pair of glasses.

Metal Core Acetate

State of the art computer numerical control (CNC) technology creates definitive housing inside a frame's acetate layers to facilitate insertion of stainless steel cut by precision lasers. With metal core acetate Modo glasses frames, you will enjoy wearing the most resilient, thinnest acetate glasses available. And you can only get them from Modo

Block Titanium

Modo glasses and Modo sunglasses made with Block Titanium present a sleek, minimalist design because this type of titanium does not exhibit soldering points. Additionally, Modo's latest block titanium frames are enhanced with a color inlay to accentuate a frame's smooth lines.

Super Thin Acetate

Modo's super thin acetate frames feature hinges allowing metal on metal mechanics that support precise movements and superior functioning.

Merging Fashion with Function

Modo's popularity with eyeglass wearers of all ages originates from the company's concept that function and fashion can be combined without compromising on quality. Modo glasses meld elegance, urbanity and style to with superior quality materials and the most advanced technology available. Modo's unwavering dedication to crafting exquisitely unique frames has made Modo the ultimate accessory to own if you want or need to wear glasses.

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