Medically Necessary Lenses

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What are Medically Necessary Contact Lenses?

When a person has been diagnosed with a corneal disease or has suffered from an eye injury, distortion or irregular shaped corneas may be the result. We often refer to the compromised cornea as a “wrinkled cellophane effect”. This results in poor vision that may not be corrected with traditional spectacles or contact lenses. Contact lenses that correct this compromised cornea are called medically necessary contact lenses. These are specialized, and usually, customized contact lenses that reshape the distorted, deformed cornea and provide great vision and comfort. Fitting Process

Hybrid contacts for keratoconus have a special design that enables the central GP zone of the lens to vault over the irregularly shaped cornea. Hybrid lenses are also available for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism in healthy eyes.


There are many types of medically necessary contact lenses. They include soft, rigid gas permeable, hybrid, and scleral contact lenses.


Any patient with compromised or diseased corneal tissue who is suffering with poor vision that cannot be corrected with spectacles or traditional contact lenses may benefit from medically necessary contact lenses.

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The cost of medically necessary contact lenses and professional service fees (all inclusive 90 day fitting and follow up care period) will usually be more expensive because of the increased time and expertise required to achieve success. The contact lenses are usually custom made and may require multiple changes before finalization.

Often, insurance providers or vision carrier plans cover 100% of medically necessary contact lenses and services if you qualify. Please call our office and schedule a consultation. Our warm and welcoming staff can help you at 214.739.8611 Ext 1. We look forward to helping you soon.