Lens Fitting

Lens Fitting | 4 step process

Step 1

A comprehensive eye examination will be performed to determine your exact problems and the doctor’s recommendations will be made to provide the best treatment available. Our doctors utilize the most modern technology for your eye examination and in most cases you will not need to have your eyes dilated. If you have been referred to our office and a comprehensive examination has been performed, then you will require a contact lens evaluation, fitting, and follow up examination only.

Step 2

Topography will be performed. Topography is a simple and painless scanning laser that maps the shape of the corneal surface.

These topography corneal anyalyses provide valuable and important information for our doctors to provide the best care possible.

Step 3

Contact Lenses will be selected for your initial evaluation. Our doctors have many different fitting kits and designs available for your convenience. We do not believe that one type of lens is the answer for every patient and we believe this is why our success rates are so high. As a matter of fact, we achieve 97% success for all corneal compromised patients. If we cannot achieve success, we offer a full refund on your contact lens cost within 90 days. Doctor’s services are non-refundable, however, we are usually able to accommodate your eye problem with another design of contact lens. The application of the fitting lenses is made and scanning laser evaluations reveal the exact contact lens, corneal relationship to assure the most comfort and best possible vision.

Step 4

Careful microscope evaluations and prescription evaluations are conducted and your final prescription is ordered. Your customized contact lenses are ordered and will arrive within 3-5 days. Overnight delivery is available for those with immediate needs.

Enjoy wearing your new lenses and your great vision. Our doctors will see you for progress exams and make any minor adjustments needed at no further charges. You will have a 90 day warranty to assure your success.