Independent Eyewear vs Brands Owned By Designer Licensing

Independent Eyewear vs Brands Owned By Designer Licensing

Independent Eyewear vs Brands Owned by Designer Licensing

When it’s time to head to the eye doctors in Dallas, it may also be a good time to pick out some new eyeglasses with designer frames. But before you run with your prescription from your optometrists office, you should know that most luxury brands don’t necessarily give you the individuality you might be looking for, because most of the high-end luxury frames are made by the Italian based company, Luxottica , which manufactures for Prada, Coach, Oakley, Chanel, and many others. At Insight Complete Eye Care in Dallas, Texas, we believe you can get the great looking designer frames you’ll love, while paying a fraction of the price and still keeping the local support you need.

Great Selection of Designer Frames at Our Optical Boutique

While Luxottica may have flashy names with a lot of brand recognition, at Insight Complete Eye Care we have a large selection of designer frames that are backed by our optometrists. Some of these brands include

  • Barton Perreira- a luxury brand that makes limited quantities to give you a unique look
  • Salt Optics – Made with premium materials, and influenced by nature
  • Mykita – Handmade frames made in Berlin and distributed to high end opticians, boutiques, and department stores
  • Oliver Peoples – Another handcrafted brand using the best materials
  • Dita – An elegant eyewear brand that focuses on fit as much as design and used top quality materials, including 18k gold, white gold, and titanium

If you don’t require quite as much luxury, you’ll find additional quality frames with a little less flash, such as Leisure Society, Krewe, Modo, Lafont and more.

See Our Eye Doctors in Dallas Today!

Whether you’re due to see the eye doctors in Dallas or not, we invite you to stop in and take a look at our designer frames selection to see just how great local eyeglasses can look. If you do need a new pair, our optometrists and opticians can make suggestions based on your unique vision needs in order to help you get the best balance between a great look and superior functionality. Contact us today at (214) 739-8611 to schedule an appointment.

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