For those with severe dry eyes or other ocular surface disorders, wearing contacts can seem downright impossible. If you find yourself struggling to keep your contacts moist enough throughout the day and are experiencing discomfort, Hydra-PEG might just be the solution!

What is Hydra-PEG?

Hydra-PEG is a specialized coating for gas permeable, scleral, or hybrid contacts made by Tangible Science and available at Insight Complete Eye Care. For those who have diminished tear production, Hydra-PEG can provide the needed moisture to make wearing contact lenses comfortable.

The coating, made of water, polymer, and polyethylene glycol, is permanently bonded to the surface of the contact lenses. It creates a thick, wettable layer between the eye and the lens that will last for the life of the GP lenses.

Although it provides effective moisture throughout the day, lenses treated with Hydra-PEG should still be removed and cleaned overnight. Lenses with this coating require specific kinds of cleaners, and those that are abrasive or contain alcohol should be avoided. Never rinse contact lenses with tap water. We will provide you with instructions on how to clean your Hydra-PEG-coated lenses and a list of what cleaners are approved.

If you have questions about Hydra-PEG or would like to schedule an eye exam, please contact us today at (214) 739-8611!