Hydra-PEG is a hard contact lens coating that helps to reduce proteins and lipids from depositing on your contact lens. The coating promotes healthy tear coverage and lubrication.

Hydra-PEG is a mixture that’s 90 percent water, bonded to the surface of a contact lens. The lens becomes surrounded by the material, which separates it from your eye. This ultra-thin coating doesn’t alter the dimensions of contacts. However, contacts treated with Hydra-PEG will feel extra slippery, so it is important not to accidentally drop them.

Who Will Benefit from Hydra-PEG?

Contacts with Hydra-PEG treatment can be beneficial for patients who suffer from underlying dry eye disease or ocular allergies. However, any patient who wears hard contact lenses may find increased comfort with Hydra-PEG coating.

Is Hydra-PEG New?

Hydra-PEG has been used for decades as an ingredient in eye drops and lubricants. Since 2016, Hydra-PEG has been applied directly to contact lenses. Hydra-PEG is available with your RGP, hybrid and scleral contact lenses.

How Do You Care For Hydra-PEG Lenses?

Lenses treated with Hydra-PEG require specific cleaners in order to prolong the life of the coating. Avoid cleaners that are abrasive or contain alcohol. It is especially important to never rinse the lens in tap water. We will provide you with a specific list of lens cleaners and lubricants that are approved for use with Hydra-PEG.

Failure to care for your lenses properly can lead to disintegration of the Hydra-PEG coating, which reduces the comfort and wettability of your contacts.

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