Hydra Peg

Hydra-PEG at a Corneal Lens Specialist in Dallas

Do you suffer from a severe dry eye or other ocular surface disease? If so, you might find it nearly impossible to wear contact lenses. You may also suffer through a day of itchiness and dryness when you do wear contacts.

With Hydra-PEG, there may be another option. Your Dallas optometrist can add this smart treatment to contact lenses for dry eye sufferers.

hydra-peg from your optometrist in dallas

What Is Hydra-PEG?

A company called Tangible Science developed Hydra-PEG, a specialized contact lens coating. While corneal disease and dry eye sufferers lack lubrication due to insufficient natural tear production, Hydra-PEG provides that much-needed moisture.

These treated lenses fit like any other contacts would, but their polymer base and polyethylene glycol content are made to keep the lens surface lubricated. These lenses will also reduce lens surface fogging while adding to lens surface water retention and wettability. Many patients who have tried Hydra-PEG contacts report these feel smoother than other contacts.

How Can Hydra-PEG Provide Severe Dry Eye Relief?

If you need severe dry eye relief, Hydra-PEG coated scleral contacts may be the best choice for you. The same goes if you have a corneal disease. How can these little contacts make such a big difference?

As mentioned, it’s all in the contact lens coating. This coating is transparent so as not to be noticeable. It creates a type of hydrophilic shell over the contact lens, allowing it to become wet and lubricate the eye.

Speaking scientifically, this occurs because the contact lens surface is bonded to the polymer and polyethylene glycol. That provides the reliable moisture you’ll come to expect every time you wear your contacts.

Like many contacts, Hydra-PEG treated lenses are meant for use throughout the day, but you should, of course, take these out before you go to bed at night.

Where Can You Get Hydra-PEG Sclera Contacts?

If you’re interested in Hydra-PEG lenses, you may want to contact an optometrist in Dallas to learn more. Not all eye doctors carry Hydra-PEG lenses, so be sure to call and ask ahead.

About Insight Complete Eye Care, Your Corneal Lens Specialist in Dallas

Insight Complete Eye Care does offer Hydra-PEG to all our patients. As your corneal lens specialist in Dallas, we carry specialty contact lenses for all your corneal care needs.

When you come in to see us, we’ll start with an eye evaluation to determine if you have dry eye. Then we’ll talk about getting you fitted for your Hydra-PEG contacts, which should be much more comfortable to wear.

Our other services include BostonSight SCLERAL, sMap3D technology, rigid gas-permeable lenses, reverse geometry technology, medically necessary lenses, hybrid contact lenses, and other scleral lenses.

To learn more or schedule an appointment to get fitted for Hydra-PEG contacts today, give us a call at 214-739-8611. You can also visit us at the Insight Complete Eye Care on Hillcrest Avenue, Suite 140.