Eyeglasses & Coatings

A World of Lenses and Coating Options for Your Top-Quality Eyeglasses

woman trying on eyeglasses

Once you've received a corrective lens prescription from our elite team at Insight Complete Eye Care, you're ready to equip yourself with the finest pair of eyeglasses in Dallas. But choosing from our extensive selection of top-quality designer frames is only part of the process. We also make a variety of lenses and coating options available to enhance the quality of final product either further.

Choose Your Lenses

You may be surprised to learn that glasses are rarely made of glass these days. While glass is a marvelous optical material, it is also quite heavy; it's also vulnerable, not only to scratches, but also to shattering. Modern plastics are a much lighter and safer choice while still offering a high degree of optical accuracy. For patients with a higher prescription, our Dallas optometrist offers high-index lenses which provide thinner lenses to suit a range of fashionable frames and avoid the appearance of thick glasses.Trivex lenses offer superior shatter resistance for situations that might call for extra caution. Many types of plastic lenses provide the additional benefit of total UV protection.

Lens Coating and Tint

Glare is the enemy of anyone who has to drive or perform other delicate work while wearing glasses; it's especially problematic for individuals with cataracts or other eye diseases that aggravate light sensitivity. Fortunately, we can provide you with an anti-glare coating that allow you to see more of the world around you and less of those blinding reflections. Anti-scratch coating can help you keep your lenses in pristine condition so you can avoid another potential limitation to your visual clarity. Last but not least, you can get polarized lenses that block light bounced up from water, snow, sand or pavement.

When we talk about tint, you naturally think of the many tints we can offer in our selection of sunglasses. But if you don't want to carry a separate pair of glasses just for having fun in the sun, consider a pair of photochromic lenses. These lenses are equipped with a variable light-sensitive tint that automatically grows lighter or darker as needed, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Certain tints also have their own uses in specific situations or professions. For example, yellow-tinted computer glasses can reduce glare and exposure to irritating high-energy visible (HEV) frequencies for computer workers, while copper-tinted glasses can help your golf game by improving contrasts between the grass, the sky and the ball.

Insight Complete Eye Care Can Craft Your Ideal Glasses

Whichever lens materials and specialized coatings you select, you can rest assured that you'll get the finest pair of glasses you could possibly find anywhere. Don't settle for less where your eyes, vision and style are concerned -- call Insight Complete Eye Care at (214) 739-8611 to schedule a visit to our office!