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EyePrint PRO for Specialty Contact Lenses in Dallas

As your cornea lens specialist in Dallas, the eye doctors at the Insight Complete Eye Care offer the latest advanced contact lens fitting options for our patients. EyePrint PRO is one such option to create specialty contact lenses that are custom fit to your eye’s natural surface irregularities. If standard contact lens options won’t improve your vision to the best it can be, our optometrists can use a technology like EyePrint PRO to help.

eyeprint pro from your dallas optometrist

What is EyePrint PRO?

EyePrint PRO creates high-tech impressions of your eye’s surface. Every human eye is different and uniquely shaped, even the left and right eye lens in the same individual are each unique. As certified EyePrint practitioners, our optometrists use this innovative 3D eye scan (part of the EyePrint PRO system), to create a detailed copy (an impression) of the front of your eye. This impression is the model for your perfect contact lens.

Creating the EyePrint PRO Lens (or Prosthesis)

The topographical impressions of your eyes are sent to the manufacturer to create a transparent prosthetic scleral covering (contact lens) that matches It precisely. The EyePrint PRO company works with our cornea lens specialist in Dallas to ensure that the new lens is ideal for your needs.

Fitting Your New Specialty Contact Lenses

The completed lenses are sent back to our optometry office for a fitting. We then have you return to try the lenses and we test to make sure the fit is correct. The newly-created shell prosthesis (a clear contact lens) closely fits your eye’s specific contours. The specialty contact lens (also referred to as a shell) can then be used to protect your eye or correct the vision in hard-to-fit patients with eye disease, complicated visual problems or unique ocular shapes.

Now, ocular irregularities and corneal disease may no longer keep you from wearing contact lenses. The entire process, from scanning the eye to fitting the completed lenses, takes only a few days in most cases.

Who Can Benefit from EyePrint PRO at our Dallas Optometrist?

The following eye conditions can benefit, and experience vision improvement, from EyePrint Pro:

  • Keratoconus or corneal bulging and thinning, where the eye gradually becomes cone-shaped.
  • Astigmatism, especially Irregular astigmatism.
  • Dry eye disease.
  • Pellucid marginal degeneration, or asymmetric corneal steepening, with thinning on the sides and lower part of the cornea.
  • Eye trauma or injury.
  • Congenital deformity of the eyes.
  • Cornea transplantation patients.
  • Individuals with post-LASIK ectasia, where the cornea begins bulging forward after eye surgery.
  • Chemical burns.
  • Pinguecula or Pterygium (Surfer's Eye), yellow or fleshy tissue growths on the transparent covering over the sclera (the white part of your eye).
  • Patients who want additional vision improvement and/or more comfortable contacts.
  • And more.

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If you’re severely visually impaired and/or you've been told that you cannot wear contact lenses due to complex corneal irregularities, corneal disease or multiple vision problems--don't despair. Our skilled optometry team may be able to fit you with corrective contact lenses through the use of EyePrint PRO technology. Learn more about the EyePrint PRO system or schedule your eye exam and evaluation at the Insight Complete Eye Care in Dallas today. Call us at 214-739-8611