Blepharitis Treatment in Dallas

When your eyelids become inflamed, you might have a condition known as blepharitis. This condition can cause unpleasant symptoms, but more serious complications are rare. Whether you have chronic blepharitis or acute inflammation, it’s important to find ways to treat it. At Insight Complete Eye Care, our Dallas eye doctor provides treatment to relieve blepharitis symptoms. 


Symptoms of Blepharitis 

This inflammation of the eyelids can cause you to have red or watery eyes. You might also feel a burning sensation in your eyes or a sensation that something is in them. This eye condition can also affect the way your eyelids look. They might have a greasy appearance and become swollen and red. The skin around your eyes can end up being flaky as well. Other symptoms you might experience with this condition include itchiness in your eyelids, crust on your eyelashes when you wake up and eyelids that stick together. You might also become more sensitive to light, blink often and lose eyelashes. 

Causes of Blepharitis

This condition occurs when the oil glands near your eyelashes are blocked or clogged. This can occur for different reasons, such as bacterial infections, allergies to certain types of eye medication, allergies to cosmetics, allergies to contact lens solutions or oil gland problems. This inflammation might also occur due to dandruff that affects your eyebrows and scalp or a skin condition called rosacea. 

Problems with Blepharitis

When you have blepharitis, this inflammation might be chronic. This means you might experience symptoms frequently or from time to time. Other problems can develop due to this eye problem, such as problems with your eyelashes and the skin on your eyelids. You might also have dry eyes or trouble wearing contact lenses. When you have this condition, you also have a risk of developing chronic pink eye, sties, chalazion or damage to your cornea. 

Treatment for Blepharitis in Dallas

Depending on how severe your inflammation is, you might be able to use home care measures for relief. These include gently washing your eyelids and placing warm compresses on them. If home care does not provide relief, you might benefit from other forms of treatment, such as medications for bacterial infections or anti-inflammatory medications. Managing underlying conditions that might cause blepharitis, such as rosacea or dandruff, might also offer relief from redness, itching and other symptoms. Our eye doctor can recommend other optometry treatment options for this condition if needed. 

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